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[Podcast] FloTape (01/16/2017)

The FloTape is a mixtape style radio show where hosts P_dot_D and Will.Ara play dope tracks from Arizona artists while engaging in typical banter. Just's radio like but not typical. They discuss all kinds of topics from serious hip hop stuff to random musings about all kinds of stuff. On this episode they discussed stealing electricity, AZ rap beefs, and other nonsensical stuff for all your senses.

Featuring tracks:

Colfax - Somebody Nobody Tullis - Push (incorrectly called Like Yuh on podcast but equally dope) MastodonRare - I'm Up Dorian Colter - Finally Happy Teddy Oso x Slator Blacc - Talk Bag of Tricks Cat - Problem Solver JRod the Problem - Pour Me MegaRan ft. Ritchie Branson & Storyville - O.P. Roqy TyRaid - Application Dedication Discipline Young Yosh - Living Good Ray Fresco - TTGI Doddy Gatz - Pistola Kollateral - The Breakdown

This podcast also features beats produced by Gxldxn. If you're interested in those beats, please contact us on Twitter @flotivitymedia.

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