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[Video] Emmitt Dupree - Marathon

To spoil the ending, Emmitt Dupreee is asked why he's been running. He casually states because he likes running. Dupree has been grinding since the end of 2016. And the conclusion is like a metaphor for Dupree's grind as a rapper. Change the question, and the answer would surely be cause I like rapping.

On Marathon, it's dope to hear Emmitt Dupree go all ill eat a rappers lunch. More often than not, he's a nice dude rapping. But here he gots lines like "I'm gonna hit em with the heat/grab the sun in my palm place it right at his feet." This track is definitely challenging rappers and I like how's it accentuated on the chorus with a passionate, hearty hook about him waiting too long to get on. If thats the case, take it Emmitt, take it. 

Check it at:

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