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8 Fresh New Tracks to Hear Now

Marley B. - Work (prod. by Mike Regal)

Marley B. has been owning Mondays. His Marley B. Monday series has produced nothing but top notch cuts. Work is no different. Plus Marley’s flow is full of conviction like Andy Dufresne. When he says ain’t no one out working him, he’s not bullshitting.

Melikxyz ft. Lil Qwerty and Aydin Immortal of Wolvves

Melikxyz is a producer who has worked with Injury Reserve, Lil Qwerty (formerly Milky Mel), and the Wolvves. Here he enlists Qwerty and Aydin of the latter group for a track we’ve all been familiar with at some point - clocking in and clocking out while wanting more out of life. Qwerty sums things up when he spits “say you gonna make it but you don’t know how/well congratulations you grown folks now."

Steven Zavala - Heal Me God

The dichotomy of an individual wanting to live and thinking he should die because of past transgressions is on display here. Steven Zavala is trapped between wanting God to heal him and heaven to take him. The mood is set perfectly with a chorus that is hypnotic. When Zavala slides in to spit, we hear what's causing these thoughts.

Black Hoodie Cult - Jugg

The side by side rapping thing that happens in the first two minutes of this track sounds fresh. It basically sounds like two different dudes. As the flow is switched and slowed, rapper Bonafide spits two different sounding flows - adlibbing - that accentuate and highlight certain words and phrases. Contextually this track is nothing new but it sounds dope.

MP$ - Starstruck! (Prod. TMHWKS/MP$ and Frame Sinatra

The pair that teamed up for Daps and Pounds return with this Patrick Swavey track that’s hard not to groove to. MP$ kicks a groovy, infectious chorus on the front and back end with a short verse in between. With a hard hitting bass kick and a dream-inducing sample, this track is a banger where the only problem is it ends after 2 minutes leaving me wanting more.

Kid Gully ft. Phil Cosmo - Jam (prod. by Jordan1ne, PERC30, Alvagrim, and Monk)

What first fascinated me about this track is the producers list. Alvagrim has produced interesting sounding stuff and Jordan1ne has put forth some cuts. What puts this song squarely in the fresh category is Phil Cosmo. He sounds like a pure spitta as he glides his way across this trap beat. Definitely checking for more of this dude.

Unannounced - Be Good (prod. by Lazaro Valenzuela)

Unannounced has his own dichotomy he’s presenting on this track. He tells ladies he’s gonna try to be good but he’s really just an evil man. As he states, he’s not here to learn names, he’s just hear to chase fame.

Black One ft. Mr. Miranda and Cuzn' It

So I almost didn't write about this track. And then my love of these three verses started to outweigh my dislike of the chorus. I like these three for very different reasons - Black One's self-deprecating but cocky raps; Mr. Miranda's metaphors; and Cuzn' It's delivery is dope and packed full of smart bars. Those three verses make this track something unique and definitely worth a listen. Trust me when I say it's fresh enough, you'll want to rewind and hear again what's being spit here despite the chorus being kind of painful.

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