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8 AZ Rap Tracks to Check Now

Rubix ft. Jaca Zulu - More Than Meets the Eye

Holy rap power ballad, Batman! I want to hear this track live and sing along, loud as hell, with that infectious chorus. Jaca Zulu rides this rock beat perfectly. It is summed up perfectly when he eases through the verse that goes: "Let me be the space that surrounds your burning beams I was in a colder place, but you keep me alive/Stay aware of your supply, everything ain't what it seems/Love's easy to disguise/More than meets the eye."

New Age Politics ft. Haze That Saxy Rapper - Reflections (Prod. by DTZ The Composer & 21 the Producer)

A chill laid-back beat accentuated and saxified by Haze's smooth jazz stylings sets the mood for this thought-provoking track about how people are all one in the same.

Woodro - BANG (Prod. Musikal)

Woodro, fresh off his Bloody Sunday album, doesn't stop working. Here he drops the first single off his next EP entitled, Distant but Still Here. As Woodro spits - "I woke myself up because I'm dreaming of a diamond necklace/Ain't got time for any flexing/Keep the timing second" - I get the sense he knows there's still work to be done and that he's putting it in.

CAM - No Fucks Given (Prod. ALVAGRIM)

This team-up was definitely outside the box thinking but that's what makes it dope. Alvagrim's beats and his solo stuff are typically pretty dark. This beat is no surprise but Cam brings his barely stopping to breathe flow. Check the old school JJ Fad - Supersonic hip hop reference near the end.

JD x Splash Fuego - Be That (Prod. Stitchruss)

This is the theme song for those rappers who have ladies in their life holding them back. I mean maybe shouldn't be happening but then again some girls just don't understand why there man is always in the studio, right?

Jordan G - Bandz Wit Me (Prod. D$N)

Man this track would be equally welcome in the 90s, 00s, and's a three verses and chorus rap track about making ends.

Outta Mill - Dead DSMD ft. OTG Kapo (Prod. by TKA Beatz)

Mill City and Outta Town Gang team-up here and its a head nodder. DSMD and Kapo trade bars like a couple guards throwing alley-oops up and down the court. The dichotomy is dope with DSMD chill bars and Kapo's semi-automatic flow.

Fresco ft. Gawdlee - Signals (Prod. kaycyphr)

I love the variety offered in the Arizona rap scene. Here, Fresco brings that old school boom bap but here for a slow cruise kind of day. Dope when Gawdlee spits "If you want to be happy all the time/gotta chase it with your body and your mind." Facts!

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