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Geeked on Rap Ep 3 - Favorite Tracks of 2017

A podcast about all things dope and wack in hip hop in 2017 and some ideas about what'll happen next year. This podcast is for those who think Migos and Joe Budden are hip hop and don't fucking care that rappers mumble words. So old, dusty heads talking Rakim as the God emcee and no one else, stay out. We also don't include any Post Malone as the best 2017 had to offer. We just don't. No hate, but he doesn't deserve it. Listen, subscribe, share, and let us know what you think.

Opening track Commas by @vastmoyie

Follow El Rockwell @elrockwell on IG. He makes dope memes too that'll probably go over your head but they're still cool.

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