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FloCast Ep 58 w/ Blaze Rock & Paconaut

Hammerwolf is the name of Blaze Rock's 11th album released in 2017. 11 freaking albums! This dude has been busy. It is entirely produced by Paconaut, a producer who's been in the game for 10+ years. Blaze Rock is no stranger to hip hop either as he's been doing this for a long time. The two of them are skilled and it is apparent on Hammerwolf. We talk about the album, their partnerships with hat companies, and of course, lyrics. Cause I love lyrics and Blaze Rock gots em.

Featuring tracks:

Return to the Underground Lawdamercy Take It Boogie Man Dreamstate Caldwell

Find Blaze Rock and the Hammerwolf album at:

This podcast also featured beats produced by Gxldxn, Bean Supreme and RedEmpr.

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