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12 Dope Tracks to Hear Now

Malik Scott - Clean Slate

The acceptance of mistakes is a theme I fuck with. At the end of the day, mistakes attributed to anyone else signifies a failure to learn from those missteps, mishaps, miscalculations, and misunderstandings. You want a theme song to help you focus on this. Well here you go. Malik Scott is spitting straight knowledge in the form of self-help bars. That brand new day chorus is a mantra to wake up to for real.

Cam - Voices

The aptly titled Voices presents all the things Cam has heard from others. The chorus begins with people have always told him to run away. And you know what maybe those people have been in his ear. He’s not as active as others when it comes to making music. What he does release though is usually received really well. Is this track the statement that he’s done listening to those voices. We surely hope so.

Satomaa ft. Lil Qwerty & Dorian Colter - New Team

New team is as close as we’re getting to Marvel team ups in Arizona. All critically acclaimed and beloved, Satomaa, Lil Qwerty and Dorian jumping on track together just makes so much sense. Individually they bring something unique but at the same time, their styles mesh well together. I wish we had more of the chorus. It’s abbreviated at the end but after Satomaa’s first verse, the chorus brings the track to a whole new level.

Dewey Binns ft. K.A.A.N. - Rvr Phx

With a killer sense of humor and a referential style, Dewey Binns has a dope, head nodder of a track off the Dead Skin EP. Bros and rappers can all get some (“miss me with that same flow/you turn a dollar to a peso) as Dewey is just having fun rapping and riding, waiting for the world to end.

Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire - 40'z at the MET Gala

This track is the tale of the grimy dude at the MET Gala we never knew we needed. The imagery is fantastic as eXquire hits up the Gala with fried chicken in his hand and custom leather on his body. Does Dom Perignon and hot sauce go well together? I don’t know but it’s sounds like the type of class I fuck with.

Gift$ ft Wig$ - Feelz

Who the f**k is Gift$? I want to know because this is the second song he’s dropped that has me enamored with his music making. He illustrates how real the many struggles are on Feelz - struggles to which pain relief can be obtained so many ways. But Gift$ knows, just like Bob Marley crooned, music can make all the pain go away.

Pseudocentric - Purple Trees

Purple trees is an older track that was released last year, and I somehow missed it. Like good music though, it doesn't age. Pseudocentric showcases his skills as rapper, producer, and song writer here. After the slow build, the chorus comes along and I swear once you hear it, it’ll be hard not to sing along “I’ve been down, down trying to find my way up."

Aeon - God Gift

Inspired by a friend who was in a terrible car accident, Aeon speaks the words his friend told him over a chilled out beat. It’s a meditative track full of words of wisdom for the soul.

Jay Wop - The Lights

How many of those 9-5 dudes are getting curved by females who want a rapper? How many of those raps dudes are getting curved because females don’t see dude’s promise as a rapper? The Lights is a track about only getting love when the lights are on and metaphorically trying to choose the right song to get that love.

Benjamin Fly ft BLK LLAMA - Gift of Gab

Benji Fly has worked with everyone. He’s been kind of on a personal quest to connect circles so you know this track with Blk Llama had to come about at some point. Over a smooth RnB-type bassline and sample, the

duo drops a track that should be bumped in whips as street lights shine on beautiful lips and curvy thighs.

KPtheWaveGawd - $age Mode

A lot of people have flipped this Rolling Stones sample, but in a minute and thirty-three seconds KP turns it into a haunting trap banger. Content-wise KP let’s it be known he was born into this world and he ain’t sharing shit with no lame hoes and that he’s gonna sit back and watch the world be destroyed.

Products of Infamy - Deuce

The POI crew is mad consistent on that some hip hop shit. They rock boom-bap like they live in NYC circa ’94, talk about graf writing, and probably can’t be fucked with if you want to dance and rap. I respect the love shown to all elements of hip hop by the crew. Plus they got Arizona’s most underrated producer in Tok Sik who has the cleanest sounding beats. This is a mad fresh track, featuring Tok Sik, Huey Humz (Gerald Supreme), TMFN (Tripino Nasty), and Komloko, of the 2017 album, Heat.wav.

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