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[Video] JD x Jalopy Bungus Freestyle

Jalopy Bungus cares about lyrics. Matter of fact, it is his goal to get other younger heads to focus on the bars and verses. So he's always involved in or putting out videos like the one you see here. And they usually do well amongst the younger crowd. I'm talking a few thousand views and hundreds of comments. Basically, the youth do care about lyrics. So don't buy the b.s. that they're only into Uzi Vert and stuff.

On this video, it's JD than Bungus going back to back with rhymes. Don't sleep on the spitters here. JD, not far from his dope 2016 release, Resonated Nation, dropped the sickest verse. At one point, he spits "No lil po peep or sheep to count/ n***** there's little to no sleep on my type of sound."

Insert 17 fire emojis right now!

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