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[Podcast] FloTape (02/13/2017)

Half podcast/half Arizona rap mix tape.....100% interesting. Will.Ara and P_dot_D discuss Will's treatment of Kid Cudi and his last album like a drunken stepfather returning home to see his kid after a few missed baseball games, AZ rap albums released in 2017, and other random, fun banter.

Featuring tracks:

Slator Blacc - Palace Eddie Wellz - Nature Tullis - Nobody MastodonRare ft DZE - Black Godz Gladiator Pen - Very Afraid Guyv3r - Stand Up Noah Wright - I'Mortal Blaze Rock - Before I Was 18 Alphounce Wolfe - Mr. Petty Tre Coupe - Winter Time The HIllside - Infinity w/o Distortion Milky Mel - Viceland

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