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7 Tracks to Listen To Now

Truvonne (Aesthetically Sound) - I N M Y F E E L I N G S

Simply put, Truvonne makes beautiful music. And I mean it when I say she makes it all. She programs the beat and sings. Her voice is beautifully emotive and sensitive. I can feel the hurt and pain. Every time I hear her say "I know I'm difficult, insecure but that don't mean that I don't want you around" on this track my heart drops.

Big Ox - El Padrino

In El Padrino, Bix Ox captures the essence of smooth talking, freshly dressed cats in the 70s. With his deep gruff voice, he delivers bar after bar. There is no chorus. DJ Alias provides some cuts. But other than that, it's just Big Ox spitting picturesque rhymes and smart metaphors.

Marley B - Greed

At the Tucson Hip Hop Festival, Murs jumped on stage and shouted out artists. He asked the crowd if Marley B was rapping fast. Marley B had just went on before Murs and yes, he rapped really fast. With his voice, rapping fast works but it's not his only style. Here on Greed, part of his Marley B Mondays series, he does occasionally rap fast but his style imparts conviction like he's tensing up and pushing every last breath of his essence out.

RealTalk ft. Curt Flo and Taiyou - Bloodlines

RealTalk pulls the listener in with music that sounds like it should be played in a strip club. But then the listener pays close attention to the lyrics, he or she will realize RealTalk makes music that is meant to free the stripper and consumer from a life of bondage and government servitude.

Noah Wright - I'Mortal

Other than what his bio says on Soundcloud, I don't know anything about Noah Wright. Who is he, how hard he's working, nothing. What I do know is on I'Mortal he comes out spitting aggressive raps and then he spits this line that goes "Pac had Biggie/J Cole had Diggy/all I'm left with it sell outs and fucking pickininnys." And damn does he spit like he's punching someone in the chest.

DZE ft Sir Young - Black Guy Problems

DZE, kind of like Biggie didn't, doesn't strike me as a mack. What he lacks though, he makes up for with "smooth playa for real" attitude, which is on full display here. The chorus is basically him telling a girl he already smashed, but who now doesn't like black men, off. The real Sir Young kicks a 16 also with his cool delivery.

BLK LLAMA - hotdotnuss

BLK LLAMA's style is illey as he kicks a short verse. But don't let the brevity make you think BLK LLAMA doesn't say much...cause he actually portrays a lot. Rap often can be style over substance. He's not trying to take over rap or makeover rap, but as he indicates he's doing "something" similar. I'm not sure yet what it is but it bleeds coolness into the listeners' ear.

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