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[Podcast] FloTape 03272017

Half radio show/half Arizona rap mix tape.....100% interesting. Will.Ara and P_dot_D discuss Lethal Weapon trivia (or try to), why rap is a young man's game, and other random musings.

Featuring tracks:

TruVonne - In My Feelings EZGoin - On My Goodness O'Mor - Somethin U Should Know Ay-R - Wavy Crockett MP$ - Daps and Pounds Uprhnd - Fame Central Products Mc Shinobi - Any Day Slogan - A.T.T.E. Nick Norris - Keep it Simple Dorian Colter ft. Trinidad Cardona - Lights Out Headlock - Mad Diamonds

This podcast also features beats produced by Gxldxn. If you're interested in those beats, please contact us on Twitter @flotivitymedia.

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