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7 Dope New Tracks to Listen to Now

Salty Brasi - Negative (Prod. Charlie Mumbles)

Dark at moments like shouting out Edgar Allen Poe but with Salty's sense of humor - "jumping out of helicopters into pools of vodka." Plus Charlies Mumbles laces Salty with a hypnotic loop on the beat.

UPRHND LEEL - Lit Boy (Prod. NSD)

With super clean and sharp production, LEEL and NSD present an exercise in contrast. LEEL raps about how someone isn't lit yet act like they are. The track though isn't turned up - instead it has the vibe of someone who's already won sitting in their big ass house watching suckas from afar.

Komloko & Fresco. - born4this (Prod. fresco.)

Products of Infamy members bring a modern, fresh boom bap head nodder with a couple dope back and forth verses.

Spit Hell Manuel ft. Flos - Apologies on Read (Big K.R.I.T. The Vent Remix)

This isn't brand new but I just heard it. Glad I didn't miss it. On this track Spit Hell invokes that feeling of having a text on read and needing to say so much more but knowing you're being ignored so instead dropping 72 bars. Man loves sucks at times but it inspires artistry.

BRODI3E - You Changed (Prod. RellyMade)

Wavey, bouncy little track with a hint of frustration with the homies who changing because of chicks and money. Brodies ain't always what they first appear to be themes and shit.

AY-R ft. William P. - Food For Thought

Haven't heard anything from William P. in a minute. Dope he's back at it. On this one though AY-R is ripping it with lines like, "food for thought ya'll could starve or ya'll could eat my dick/I learned to be an angel slash a-hole and a piece of shit."

soloist. - Sock Essentials (Prod. FanningSystems)

We've always applauded Doni for being original. His soloist project with Dan Louis and Fanning Systems is no different. I mean what's really going on in this beat that sounds like the rap version of Morphine (the rock band, not the drug hence the capitalization).

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