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[Podcast] The FloTape Ep 36 w/ Charlie Mumbles

We decided to stop being so damn confusing and combined our two podcasts. Now the FloTape will be our interview and mixtape show. This episode we chopped it up with super producer/beat maker extraordinaire Charlie of Mumbles of Truminati. We discussed Injury Reserve's No Jumper podcast, the state of affairs in AZ hip hop, and Charlies residency in NYC this summer.

Charlie can be found at: @charlie-mumbles-1 @ThirdEyeBryan | Twitter

Featured tracks:

EZGoin - Feel This Mouse Powell - Turn to Gold Dorian Colter - sweatpants Jahwan Hendrix - Ethanol Lord Ra - Trees and Boats Damon Logan - MJ Prophetiko - Breakaway Damiyen - slow bro Lando Chill - Shackles Combine Vibes - Making My Way Mykr Fiend X - Back to Life Cruise & Loh - Get Right to It Ay-R - Good Fellaz MastodonRare ft. Trip Rexx - Doin' My Thing UPRHND LEEL - Get Right to It SonnyFromMars - Gold Black One - Be Free EPOD Tribe - Journey DJ Stude - Thick Ones Brownboi Maj ft. JusXJustice - Lo$er GMoe - Steak and Asparagus Nomad ft. Mr. Miranda - Bigly

Shows Beats by: FanningSystems, Malick McFly, and Alvagrim

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