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5 Videos to Check Now

Mr. Miranda - Big to Somebody

Check the story - it's mad real to make some money off of music. It's even more to have someone be genuinely affected by music. Mr. Miranda rhymes the story about a family feeling his words after the death of their son. Real shit right here. Visuals by Artie Art of the Convo.

Benjamin Fly + Bouji - Came Up

With all the work Bouji and Benji are putting out, it's hard not to think they're two of the hardest working in AZ right now. This collab directed by Cameralord has the two looking fly as hell.

Marley B - Grow

It's easy to get lost in Marley B's wicked fast lyrics. Do yourself a favor. Pay attention. Grow is some of the realest lyrics about love and loss and screwing someone up because you loved them I've ever heard. Visuals by Blar Media.

Emmitt Dupree - Early 2000s

Emmitts looking mad annoyed as his two dates stay constantly on their phone which has him yearning for the early 2000s when social media wasn't as much of a problem. Bonus points for filming the video in a mall which is almost as dead as MySpace. Visuals by Cameralord.

Tommy Will - I Like It

Tucson's Tommy Will has been mad busy. He's just returning to AZ after being on a national tour with Respect the Underground and Boost Mobile. With visuals from Bryan McAdams and Blar Media he drops the I Like It video which has him looking like he's the most fashionable dude on a wilderness exile spitting hot fire to survive a broken heart.

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