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FloTape Ep. 40 w/ Under Pressure

Under Pressure isn't Odd Future or Pro Era. They are collective and they - Lil Qwerty, Melikxyz, Technician, and Broc Frandsen - kicked it on the podcast and yo did it get unruly. Out the gate, we talked about Joe Budden vs Migos and Melikxyz clowned Lorde and Wendy Williams got some and then somewhere in all that we talked about what Under Pressure is and about Lil Qwerty's new album and about Melikxyz's work with Injury Reserve. We're a little turnt so the interview audio is all over the place and we compressed it like 17 times but fuck it, it was fun and I think you'll enjoy it too. These dudes are funny and if they do get their own podcast and make us extinct, at least we'll all be entertained. Check it out.

Interview at: 2:21 (Migos; famous jewish people; other random stuff) 31:15 (Under Pressure; WIC; Broc speaks) 1:02 (Lorde gets it; Qwerty's new album; Kendrick vs Lamar) 1:37 (Melikxyz's production; social medial credentials)

Find Under Pressure at: @veryunderpressure


Lil Qwerty @lilqwertyu


Broc Frandsen

Featuring Tracks: Lil Qwerty - I think U know (melikxyz rework)(prod. by tech) Under Pressure - Belicheck Cuzn It - The Lies we tell Ourselves BLK LLAMA - Hotdotnuss Kaleidoscope Kid - Hold Up Sui Blue - Watered Down MastodonRare - I'm Up Melikxyz ft Lil Qwerty & Aydin Immortal of Wolvves - No Rent Headlock - Mad Diamonds Odd Squad Family - New Ish Diego Francisco - House to House Kota the Friend - Lakes Gift$ - Fix Melikxyz ft. Lil Qwerty - Viceland (Xenophilia Remix) Lil Qwerty - CTRL ALT DEL (prod. by tech) VBLN - Summer 2016 St. Louis Gibbor - Breath of Fresh Heir Elias - Tender Love Lamar Crushin - All I Ever Wanted Marley B - Grow Melikxyz ft Dorian Colter - Back on my Bullshit Dorian Colter - Chill on Me!

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