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Dope Shows - Two Weeks of Activity

The #AZWayTooActive hash tag faced a lot of scrutiny on different fronts and then it's use slowed down considerably.

I think what got lost in its use is the purpose for it. One of the main reasons it was created was to bring attention to Arizonas very active rap scene. Even today, knowing all the events, releases, and milestones happening is difficult. Being able to click on a hashtag and immediately find all those events bring attention AZ's rap scene still sorely needs.

Based on what's going on the next two weeks, it's time to bring it back.

AZ literally has shows going on from Tucson to Phoenix to Tempe to Flagstaff. Want to catch Jivin' Scientists with Fated, Mr. Riot, and Big Ox, on his farewell show - well then go to Tucson. You're more into beat makers than boom bap, check out Stoney Pie and the Guild bois with Salty Brasi at Shady Park. Or do you prefer cold weather and want to check the Boom Bap Bros with St. Louis Gibbor, Blaine Coffee, Runlike, and Glad2Mecha? Just want to listen to dope tracks, get your groove on and drink, hurray for you, special Friday edition of the Blunt Club.

Seriously let's keep going. Tucson has Eremsy and Sui Blue in what is sure to bring the ladies. There are house parties thrown by LGDA with Slator Blacc and then you got one thrown by SeaFoam Sound that has Pseudocentric, Julius King, Jay Hill, Nutter Tut, and Young River. Too small for you - well if you like huge shows with national artists and local acts in support, go check Respect the Underground's Summer Jam show with Rick Ross.

Seriously, check out all this dopeness. You have no excuse not to go to a show in the next 2 weeks.

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