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[Review] Benjamin Fly ft. Brownboi Maj - Michael Phelps

Two FloCast veterans team-up to release a track that is sure to impress the ladies. Dudes take notice - Benjamin Fly provides one blueprint for how to show the ladies a good evening. It's a smooth, laid-back track that pairs perfectly with a beautiful woman and your relaxation substance of choice. Brownboi Maj croons a suave chorus setting the stage for Benji to turn down his usual upbeat sound and kick that velvety flava. Not sure who came up with the classification, but when Brownboi Maj was on the FloCast, he referred to his music as not RnB, but rather "slush" because it's hard and soft. These two do it right and whatever it's called, just make you call it what it is - dopeness!

For a limited time only, you can find it on the FloTape Vol. 1 at

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