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Verse-atility - 4 Dope Rapper/Singers

Now a days, rappers be singing and singers be rapping. It’s all good when it’s dope and here in AZ, we got 5 dope dudes who can make both look easy.

Lando Chill

Lando is chill and smooth. He's a laid back, quiet talker who kicks moments of pure, unadulterated real knowledge. In his movement, in his speech, and in his music he exudes passion and patience like how Marvin Gay sang Let's Get It On. On Early in the Morning, he flexes his singing chops on the chorus and then jumps in with a funky rhyme for that early morning sexual mind.

Kaleidoscope Kid

Never will he be mistaken for having the dopest singing voice, but instead he invokes the spirit of of blues singers far and wide when he croons. His just-smoked yet soft voice is genuine and intoxicating. It's hard not to believe what he says when he's singing. Rap-wise he kicks a style all his own while playing all the instruments you hear.


Oh my Goodness is a victory lap. EZGoin has long did the singing and rapping thing. On this track he puts it all together and does it the best he ever has. He sings the first two verses and choruses and immediately upon second listen they became sing along songs. They're stuck in the mind good. The rapped verse is an oh you thought I was done look what else I can do finish. And it's glorious.


With a slight rasp in his voice and an ability to hit a couple high notes, Sonny is smooth AF. His versatility extends far to - check Return of Jafar for a little more rough around the edges sound. On Ice Cold, he's literally that. He's cool like sipping a glass of scotch with one ice cube on the balcony of a New York City apartment overlooking Central Park.

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