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[New EP] Nomad - 100 Days of Reign

On the 2007 Coachella documentary, there are two interviews that contrast each other. One is an interview with Saul Williams talking about how music can change the world politically. The second is Liam Gallagher from Oasis saying how he thinks artists who make statements like that are full of shit and overly-idealistic.

Now music may not cause revolutions or throw powerful world leaders to their knees but it still has the power to educate. Especially in this time of fake news causing people to stop listening to and reading traditional news sources, music may be the outlet we all need.

I know, for me, Nomads 100 Days of Reign was exactly that. Recorded during the beginning stages of Trumps presidency, 100 Days is an observation tower overlooking the vast forest that is our current administration and his politics. Tracks like Bigly featuring Mr. Miranda tackles topics from Trump's immigration policies, his obsession with late-night tweeting, and the responsibility he carries being the leader of the United States. However, it's on tracks like Betsy DeVos featuring Mega Ran that isolates a single topic and provides a glimpse of how Trump could effect it. Mega raps about how dire the situation was when he was a teacher and how far from stellar the federal impact on education will be now that Trump has selected DeVos as the Department of Education's leader.

Nomad also stops to observe the trees making up this vast, ugly forest. While writing the album, Nomad joined and interacted with hardcore Trump supporters spreading hateful and inconsistent rhetoric in what they probably believed were safe spaces (wish I remembered the names of some of the groups - they're utterly ridiculous arcetypes). Tracks like Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition and Trump Supporter is a first hand expose on how some of the most ridiculous Trump supporters are inconsistent, hypocritical, and blind and how they often times don't understand nor realize that what they're reading and disseminating are lies meant to incite them. It's actually quite terrifying to hear Nomad's observations.

Finally, BaRoQy Obama finds time from his hiatus and RnR to drop some bars for us about Putin and Trump. It's quite glorious to hear the 44th President's thoughts in raps. I always knew he had it in him.

Look music may not be able to impact politics. But as evidenced here, music can provide the types of perspectives that keep us all woke and maybe one day inspire us to seek the change we all really desire. If not, at least rap music is still the people's CNN.

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