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[Podcast] FloCast Ep. 23 w/ Colfax

When we first started Flotivity Media, Colfax was an artist who made us look really closely at Arizona rap. Influenced by Nas, Colfax is thinking man's rapper. His lyrics provide the type of imagery that has made hip hop the ghetto's CNN. Whether he's detailing the streets he grew up in, his relationships, or issues with family, Colfax provides real, no bullshit lyrics. He's a lyricist and this podcast definitely was one we had wanted to do for a long time. And he did not disappoint.

Colfax is originally from Denver, CO but representing Phoenix, AZ heavy, talked serious topics with us such as books he's read, living in West Phoenix, issues with police officers he's experienced, and violence at house parties. He also talked how these topics have influenced his lyrics. He's a very knowledgeable, deep-thinking guy and it's easy to see why his lyrics are as well.

Featuring music from his 2016 release Mile High State of Mind: Somebody Nobody, That's Fax, and Life's a Bitch.

Find Colfax at: @datsfax (IG and Twitter)

This podcast also featured beats produced by Gxldxn, Bean Supreme and RedEmpr. If you're interested in any of those beats, contact us on Twitter @flotivitymedia.

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