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[Podcast] West Coast Wednesday's Ep. 51 w/ OG Bobby Ne'Gro

An outsiders perspective is something I believe is beneficial to the Arizona hip hop community. Having an outsiders perspective, free from inherent bias, would offer the community an outlet to see how good this scene is (pssh as if anyone thinks otherwise). Veteran rapper OG Bobby Ne'Gro joined DJ Blesd1 and Les on their West Coast Wednesday's podcast (every Wednesday Noon - 2pm on Radio Supa) to discuss his perspective on the AZ hip hop scene and his 20 years in the rap game. Spoiler alert - OG Bobby had nothing but good things to say about AZ when comparing the scene to Greensboro, North Carolina, where he comes from. Not that he had anything bad to say about NC, in comparison, he appreciated the love people have out here and the vast opportunities to perform. Matter of fact, he said his first day out at a show, a mic was put in his hand.

The show also features OG Bobby Ne'Gro's track, First to Flight, produced by another local artist, ATM.

Catch the entire episode at:

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