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[Podcast] The Legal Trap w/ The Tomahawks

The Legal Trap is another part of Arizona's dope hip hop ecosystem. Host Big Al interviews rappers, producers, graphic artists, among others to flesh out why they do what they do. It's always an informative show. It's always dope at the end of the podcast when he asks his guests whether they make art for the legacy or the money.

The Tomahawks are a step-brother production duo of AJ and Jalen. Both college students, the duo discuss how they got started with FL Studio and ultimately moved on to Logic. Whatever they're using, though, it works. I hard never heard (sleep I was!) MP$ ft. YB - Daps and Pounds produced by the Tomahawks. It opens the show and hits hard! I thought it was gonna blow my speakers, for real. This is another dope podcast about often not mentioned members of hip hop - the producers. Check it out at the Legal Traps Soundcloud or on the Apple Podcast app. Follow the Tomahawks on Twitter @TMHWKS and the Legal Trap @TheLegalTrap.

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