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[Video] Eddie Wellz - Nature

Eddie Wellz forces us to review a second video in as many weeks! This time around dude drops Nature and it's a banger. Like breathtakingly good as the Phoenix, AZ rapper nevers let's up on this simple beat with booming bass.

And bars!! Was it really possible for Eddie Wellz to level up? Cause I feel like it's happening. He describes himself perfectly when he raps, "I'm where passion and intellect should intersect." In verse two the alliteration is insane and goes on for something like 8 bars or so.

I'm glad this track happened. I liked his last album, but this slower song allows Wellz the freedom to fire lyrics off at his energetic, passionate pace while not trying to keep up with high BPMs. The result is those bars take center stage and we're treated to a lyrical calvacade.

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