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[Podcast] FloTape (02/06/2017)

Half radio show/half Arizona rap mix tape.....100% interesting. Will.Ara and P_dot_D discuss the Hustle 101 roundtable that happened in Phx, AZ, the Tucson Hip Hop Festival, and some of the stuff is bringing out in 2017.

Featuring tracks:

Milky Mel - I Think U Know

Black One ft. Blaine Coffee - Back to Earth

Blaze Rock - Before I Was 18

Colfax - Somebody Nobody

EZGoin - Intro (Dear Somebody)

DZE - The Bonz

Jordan G - Bandz Wit Me

Jae Tilt - Malice

MP$ ft YB - Daps and Pounds

Slator Blacc - Palace

Jalopy Bungus - Did It

Tullis - Choices

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