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2017 Album Releases So Far

I'm going to keep saying it - 2017 is going to be a beautiful year for Arizona rap. Just 50 days in and we've already seen a scene of dope albums released. We'll have a few album reviews coming out. Until then, check out the list of albums released and where to find them.

Lamar Crushin - 92

Tok Sik - The 94 Project

Runlike - Assorted Flavors

DJ Stude - Sex, Drugs, and DJ Stude

Kidd Grimm - Its Just Music

Brownboi Maj - Maj

Doddy Gatz - The Path of War

Doni and Dan Louis - Vacant Memoirs

Real Talk - Curses

Teammate Markus - Prices

Blaine Coffee - State of the Artz 2.0

File under: "we haven't heard it yet [insert sad face emoji] but we know it's good"

Find at: Contact Blaine Coffee online and wait like the rest of us (why did you miss the album release party??? That's your first mistake)

Blaze Rock - Things Left Unsaid

Cory Hill - A Tribute to Experience

File under: see Coffee, Blaine

Find at: when you find a copy let us know - we'll gladly pay extra for it.

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