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[Podcast] The FloTape Ep. 27 w/ 31 Masses

Slator Blacc and Lord Ra, from the group 31 Masses and the collective, Live Great, Die Awesome, sat down with us on the FloCast. We left very impressed by two young rappers out of Phoenix, Arizona. First of all, Slator told us he was inspired to rap by A Tribe Called Quest. Second Ra and Slator discussed being fans of classic jazz like Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Thelonious Monk. Then they discussed their very popular "tour" where they performed out the back of a Uhaul around the valley. If you want to see dope visuals from a fun looking show, go check their IGs and twitters. Finally, the two showcased their skills. The end of the podcast features a 15 minutes freestyle session. It's [insert 101 fire emojis] tight.

Featuring tracks: I Know (Freestyle) - Slator Blacc; Breakfast - Lord Ra; Palace - Slator Blacc.

Slator Blacc Twitter: @slator_theghaud Instagram: @slatortheghaud @slatorblacc_31

Lord Ra Instagram: @ra_kassa Twitter: @lord_ra85 @lord_ra2000

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