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[Video] Bag of Tricks Cat ft. Bouji - Pray You're Under

A few years back I met Charles Barkley on a plane. He was very candid and said one of the problems with having a lot of money is people feel you owe it to them to support them. Bouji and Bag of Tricks Cat may relate to Charles. In his guest verse, Bouji spits, "I look like a walking lick, all they see is dollar signs/What because I'm up, now your problems mine."

Bag of Tricks Cat lets people know he's not feeling anyone who's dapping him up then talking bad behind his back. The video even showcases a darker mood as it's shot in the desert right before nightfall and in the dark with red lights on Tricks Cat face making him look kind of villainous.

Find track at:

Directed by: Matty J

Song Credits:

Written by: M. Gamarano & J. Petty

Produced by: Vigilance Beats

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: Brian Gigerich @ Hand Krafted Studios

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