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Promoter Q&A - Mykr FiendX

Throwing shows is a lot of work. A lot of time, money, and effort goes into it. We here at Flotivity were curious about and want to help our readers understand the job promoters do. See shows don't just come together like magic. People put those shows together and spend a lot of their time, money, and energy on giving artists an opportunity to present their music to an audience. We've emailed and will email promoters in the AZ hip hop scene to ask them the same questions and help us all understand and appreciate what they do for scene. Check it out.

Mykr FiendX is a rapper/promoter and all around good dude who loves the AZ scene. A member of the Avenue of the Arts crew, Mykr (and his crew) have been putting in work in the Valley's scene as well as giving a platform to other artists. Currently, he books and promotes Thirdspace's New Grand show which is held EVERY Friday.

Why do you throw shows?

Well, I throw shows for the greater good to create a platform for local artists, emcees, and creatives to congregate and network, introducing heads to the different vibes of in our amazing music scene. Being I am an emcee myself and grew up in the scene since I was sixteen years old, I appreciate the plight of the young heads out looking to pay dues, expressing themselves by creating a platform to be heard, and appreciating the veterans in the same breath for holding down the state.

How do you select artists for your show?

I select artist both through research and word a’ mouth, then still research,lol. I listen to links and consider a performers experience to put together a line-up of some of the local veterans along with the rising talent, who will be the next wave to carry the torch.

What is the average you spend on a show? (Feel free to break down by costs: venue, artists, promo, etc)

Well I come out of pocket for flyers being that I have friends who do them and wouldn’t expect any favors for their time and efforts. The venue I am at has no cover so I get a certain percentage from the bar in which I split among performers and deejays holding down the evening. The money I do set aside is for taxes so I'm not left holding the bag at the end of the year.

How much do you make on average?

Averages very but if I have a slow night I come out of pocket. If we have a better night the pie gets divided bigger among performers. There are also a lot of new performers who want to come out just to get their feet wet and sharpen their blades and make fans which I’m grateful for because it enables me to take care of the veteran emcees and show proper appreciation for their services, and in turn the young heads get to see someone a little more seasoned then themselves and maybe pick up some notes working a live crowd in different scenarios. I also have a lot of friends who are promoters who pull up and when they put together shows or events, these shows are good places for them to scout local talent.

What is the hardest thing about promoting shows in AZ? What sucks about promoting shows?

What don't you like about promoting shows? (pick one to answer)

The hardest thing about promoting is bringing all the heads together one nation under one groove, you know on some P-Funk shit. Another thing would be getting the word out there about the night itself bringing new heads to mix with the regulars and creating new regulars with a fresh diverse environment.

What is one or two things you’d like everyone to know about promoting Arizona hip hop shows?

What I’d like folks to know about being a promoter is that the real ones do it for the love of the culture, community and the greater good of the growth in the music scene no matter the genre and do it fairly. The next would be the misconception that all promoters are getting over somehow when that’s far from the truth. I myself want to create an environment where people can come out have a good time with a sense of community with in the different generations of hip-hop because it’s important we have a sense of the past so we don’t make the same mistakes with the hopes of our future.

How can people/artists get in contact with you to perform/help promote/etc.

A good way to get in contact with me is either coming out to a Friday night at ThirdSpace itself or by messaging me via IG @mykraotacrew or even Fb Manuel Lara.

Next week's show New Grand show:

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