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This Aint Your Mamas RnB - 5 Smooth, Slushy Tracks

Besides Bobby Brown and a few others, RnB for the most part was nice, soft, and sensual. It was sexual in nature but passionately not raw. Cut to a few years ago and the Weeknd flipped the script. His music had a hard edge to it. The content ranged from late night trysts involving copious amounts of party favors to other illicit behavior involving strippers. When we compared Brownboi Maj’s music to the Weeknd’s on the FloCast episode number 4, we asked if both their music could be called RnB. He said no. Instead, he categorized it as “slush.” Seeing we were perplexed, he explained that like a slushy his music had both a soft and a hard edge to it. Not being one to disagree with the classification, I think a few more could be catalogued the same.


Look THEEDESTINATION knows what he’s looking for, and unfortunately for the baddie chick from the Valley, she’s not the one. She sounds beautiful, albeit crafted - she wants a family, she tells him his music is good, and she’s got the plug. From the dope 2016 EP called Musa, The Innerlude, features a simple piano and THEEDESTINATION’S auto-tuned voice singing, telling, that he knows what he’s looking for. Whatever it is, it’s gotta be dope because it’s not the girl described on this track, who seems pretty alright.

Brownboi Maj - $he

Brownboi followed up his dope track, brokeboi, with a slew of singles. Finally, we’re treated with a full length. Simply titled Maj, the album showcases Brownboi’s musical stylings and his self-depracating humor. His music is soulful and hands down he has one of the nicest voices in Phoenix. True to form though, he’s tough on the girl in this song. While he’s feeling on her booty, she’s acting kind of moody and so he lets her know if she’s gonna act like that, he’s done with her. Cold.

Sui Blue - Watered Down (You Look So Fucking Good)

Man this song hits me. I mean every time I hear it, I’m like uhhhhhhh. The flow and attitude Sui Blue brings to this track is fresh to def. This track could define Slush. Sui Blue is smooth but man if he’s not down right hard. And he admits it when he sings, "I'll admit it I been shitty, I been acting so childish/I've been having women sleeping over cause I'm scared that you'll fight it.” Down right dirty. Plus he’s admits his inebriated state is encouraging these relations. And this relationship is purely sexual as he sings she could have anyone else, he wouldn’t care. Definitely not your mama’s RnB.

Daniel Jordan ft Jake Eff - Company

Mill City team up here with Daniel Jordan crooning and Jake Eff spitting some raps. The name says it all. Daniel Jordan isn’t in a relationship with this chick, she’s company of the carnal kind. The content is a little more soft than hard but Jordan is very candid when he says, “Now let’s pretend that maybe some day we can be something/Until then just turn around and let me free something."

SonnyFromMars ft Venture - Dont Even Know

On this track Sonny is joined by the beautiful, jazzy songstress Venture for what is a dope, lovely track. This track could definitely be dropped in the early 2000’s as a straight RnB song. Overall, Sonny’s style can be pretty hard but this track was just too lovely not to include. Check the slushy Migos sample at the end from the track, Freak No More, that makes sense of why Venture sings, "You say that you love me but what does that mean/I’m not a good girl but what did you think/who would you be without me/I’ve lost so much love up in these sheets."

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