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[Podcast] FloTape 03202017

Half podcast/half Arizona rap mix tape.....100% interesting. Will.Ara and P_dot_D discuss Arizona rappers needing to do more videos showing them running and actors who shouldn't be trying to run in movies cause they look fake.

Featuring tracks: YOG Westwood ft JHooks - LIfe Benjamin Fly - 9to5 Eddie Wellz - Nature Marley B. ft. Jaca Zulu - For the Likes Vinney Mendez - Teriyaki Gold Deliyonne & Hudson - Livin' Life Tullis - Hailey Emmitt Dupree - Inbox Profoun - Life of Mine Slogan - A Tribute to Experience Blaze Rock - Before I Was 18 Nick Norris ft. Nicky V. - Keep It Simple

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