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The Nice Show Ep. 1 & 2

Support for rap music in Arizona is strong and getting better week to week. Garin Chadwick has been representing for the scene directing videos for Truminati Gang, including the crazy ill Eddie Wellz - Nature video, and Pariah Pete among others.

Enter his latest project, The Nice Show. Culling live, interview, and moments footage, Garin showcases artists outside the lyrics and performances with a show that allows them to speak their mind. And it's been dope so far. The first episode featured De La Preme exhausted like he just ran the Boston Marathon while performing at each mile stop. That image is coupled with Preme waxing poetic on the importance of not caring what the scene thinks and just giving as much energy as possible each performance.

Episode 2 features Truminati Gang's Eddie Wellz and Lamar Crushin recording a track at Sullivan Studios. Garin captures Eddie Wellz talking about the energy he exudes that inspires others and this perfectly exclaims the infectious vibe of Truminati. The group/label/conglomerate is a fresh mix of personalities who seem to all exude positive yet distinct energy. The result is a voltron level team up that destroys every track it touches and wards away negativity pyramid shaped crystal.

Look out for more from Garin Chadwick on Instagram @garin_chadwick or

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