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Cyphers Nearly Complete

You know what gets me up in the morning - cyphers, posse cuts, and rap super groups. There's this theory in the law that conspiracies - a group acting in concert - should be punished more harshly. The reason is a group is capable of enacting far more trouble than an individual because the individuals push and provoke each other. This is exactly what's true about posse cuts and cyphers. Each individual is capable of enacting far more lyrical damage when feeding off another's energy.

Two fresh new cyphers were released recently providing a dope glimpse into some AZ's finest. The result was a lyrical massacre that's illegal in 57 countries. Thankfully, here in Arizona and the United States, we support this kind of onslaught.

The first shot by Dylan Toon of Under Society featured BLK LLAMA, Cuzn It, Black Atom, and KY Sluggah, with production from Pseudocentric.

The second shot by Garin Chadwick (The Nice Show) showcased the group 20 Pounds (JD, Jalopy Bungus, Pariah Pete, and MA$TERMiND.

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