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[New EP] RUBiX & The Resistance - The Stranger EP

The Stranger EP isn't as much a hip hop album as much as it's influenced by rap music. However that's not to say it seemingly wasn't also influenced by 80's pop rock, hair metal, James Brown's funk, lo-fi, and indie rock. All in all Rubix's trademark is making fun music. If music diversity is not your thing and you prefer hip hop then you're covered here as well.

Although it's not over typical beats, the Jaca Zulu and Marley B. assists will satisfy your appetite.

More Than Meets the Eye - like its GI Joe inspired name - is a homage to the 80s. It could've been perfectly placed in a Beverly Hills Cop beach/party/mansion montage. Jaca Zulu is no slouch here as he manages to ride the beat like a surfer to the shore stepping off to grab a mai tai.

On Dark Energy, Rubix and Marley B. keep the 80s vibe going. Rubix is catching vibes, chasing someone's energy through dark hallways while Marley B is chilling at a table in the corner catching eye contact from afar sending vibes back with his mind.

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