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[New Album] Bouji - Sideline Money

Bouji's Sideline Money is a proclamation distinguishing the rapper from everyone else rapping or trapping or as hip hop knows, doing both. On Slim Jesus Vanilla Ice, he tells the listener he's not those gimmicky white rappers that came before him. The contrast of who Bouji is not, spit with mad creative bars comes at the end of the first verse when he distinguishes himself from the perception that white dudes are all college students. He raps: I ain't never went to college, dog, what the hell / knew I'd either be rapping or be wrapping bales / I can pay a student loan dog in one week / why...I'm touching keys like a computer geek."

The album starts kind of slowly with the Famous Dex assisted Drywall (disclaimer: I'm not a fan of Dex, at all) but gets going on Spoil You featuring Master P. It's on Throw It though where the album becomes a banger. The sure to be heard in a strip club track (insert 1000 fire emojis), featuring Swerve B and Magnolia, would bang in clubs from Jaguars to Magic City.

Smart, witty bars exist throughout this mostly trap rap album. Sideline money be sound like a trap album but his bars on extravagance are dope and can be busting up laughing funny. Other dope tracks include 1960, which features Sincerely Collins and Real Estate featuring G-Moe and Phee.

This album works cause Bouji knows who he is and he stays true to that authenticity while distinguishing himself from other trap rappers. Some tracks may not be as sonically pleasing as others but what we get on Sideline Money is an authentic soundtrack to someone who's life is in the streets doing work finished off by a night in the VIP showering strippers with dollars and champagne.

You can find Sideline Money on all streaming sites. Check Bouji on twitter @unclebouji.

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