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[Podcast] No Jumper w/ Injury Reserve

Injury Reserve are the dopest thing coming out of Phoenix right now. We know this. We've dm'd and @ every one of their accounts to try and get them on the FloCast - including going through Soundcloud messaging which you wouldn't know is a thing if you only used the mobile app.

Any ways, the trio's Live From the Dentist Office and Floss are two of the most unique sounding hip hop albums in all of hip hop, not just stuff coming out of AZ. After getting shine from Anthony Fantano, the group has only continue to rise. Now they find themselves being interviewed by Adam22 on the No Jumper podcast.

It's a dope one too. The group talks about their authenticity as artists, how they came together, and how they built their name doing indie house shows. The most interesting parts for me is when they talk about hip hop as the rap fans they seem to be. It was such a good podcast, it legitimately bummed we out I couldn't ask those questions lol. Dope stuff and we're only hoping their rise continues.

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