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11 Dope, New Tracks to Hear Now

TruVonne x NovTheZoner x Milla - Worried Bout You

This track comes in like a 90s RnB songs. You know the ones like the Only You remix where the rapper spits an intro verse and then the RnB song starts. Except here, that's not really the case lol. It's Milla and Nov spitting verses with TruVonne contribution being the chorus, a little verse on the breakdown, and a cute laugh sample. All around dopeness.

Diego Francisco - House to House

Who hasn't gone to a crazy lit house party, only for it to get broken up, and so you go to the next one eventually driving home when the sun is rising? This is a track about that. But it's not a this is sooo's more of a what are we doing with our time by doing this and partying like that. Maybe a little more sober than you expected, but you can't lie and say you haven't reached that point also when making that early morning drive.

Lord Ra - Trees and Boats

The first track off Lord Ra's Stay Happy shows the depth of this young man who understands black history, culture, and power. There's "so much soul" on this track. By the time he spits, "shorty wants yachts of ciroc I said I got soul by the boatload you sold yours/its 2k whatever I'm still rapping bout these old hoes" it's been affirmed, this isn't the same old get money and chicks rhyme spit, it's something entirely more woke.

ELIAS ft. Doni - Tender Love

Is this track made by the love child of Color Me Badd? I don't know but what I do know is this song is right in time for a summer of sexualized loving. Throw this in a mix with some Boyz II Men and SWV and then watch draws and panties drop.

The Profoun Poet ft. Sincerely Collins - Zone (prod. Taymak Beats)

If you haven't heard, Profoun and Taymak Beats are doing this thing called a 52 week challenge where they make a new track every week. Brand, brand new, never worked on track each week. On the FloCast he told us how difficult this endeavor is but it doesn't appear the music is becoming saturated. Instead each week, it seems he's leveling up.

Fated - Hard

Yoooo Fated came Hard on this track, which production wise sounds nothing like their glorious 234. Fated can straight up out rap most people and that's what they do here except over that current trap sound. Which begs the question they ask on the chorus, is making trap music really that hard? Digame.

MA$TERMIND - Rounds (prod. )

Clocking in at a minute nineteen, this is MA$TERMIND - no hooks, just bars. One verse with his occasional deep gasp delivery is all MA$ needs to get his point across.

Damiyen - slowbro

Who hasn't been in the moment trying to figure out if something seemingly good about someone their dating is really a good thing? Damiyen is pondering those thoughts in this track off the return of the sad boy EP. When you're having those thoughts, chant this shit with damiyen and maybe then you'll find the answers you seek.

UPRHND LEEL ft KP the Wavegawd - Gaining Weight (prod. NSD)

Second week on this list for LEEL and NSD who can't stop making fire. This time around they are assisted by KP and some choice samples from American Gangster. I remember when I use to give UPRHND a hard time for not doing the boom bap stuff anymore - I'm slowly realizing whatever they do is gonna be legit.

Melikxyz ft. Dorian Colter - Back On My Bullshit

While continuing his work producing Injury Reserve and others, Melikxyz has been prepping some solo material. Production-wise Melikxyz is operating in a glitchy, ADHD world - and it's dope. If he stays on his bullshit like this, expect a bunch more good things. Oh yeah and then there's Dorian Colter doing dope Dorian Colter things.

Black One - Be Free (prod. Swa)

The first single off Breaking Infinity, Be Free, is typical Black One - a dope hook with introspective and chip on the shoulder lyrics. The thing I always appreciate about his music is it's always going to be real. On the second verse he talks about some of the stuff he's doing and the reason he's doing it - so his son could get the stuff Black One knows he'll never see.

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