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8 New, Fresh Tracks to Listen to Now

Cuzn' It - Harlem Sewers

In some circles, Cuzn' It is proclaimed one of the dopest lyricists in AZ. On the strength of the Under Society cypher and lines like "I'm a kill a mic with my LP like I'm running the jewels" he's definitely trying to stake a claim. The production has a grimey Queens beat straight out of 1993 for Cuzn' It to drop lyrical swords.

Cultie - Killa x2

Dope style over a banging 808 is what Cultie is dropping right here. Everything from the sample, to the sound of the record being pulled back to the simple chorus is right on point for a head nodder.

EZ Goin - Feel' This

EZ Goin gets mad personal and in his feelings in this track that is sure to have you nodding your head in agreement at one point. Puts a sly smile on my face when he says, "I love drinking til I lose all my feelings cause honestly it's such an incredible feeling". [Insert devil with a smile and thirty-fire emojis].

Venture - Paranoid

Venture is such a master marketer. Was she really told not release this track thus depriving us of this beauty? I don't know. I know I clicked on the track real quick given Venture's habit of deleting music. I was certainly rewarded by what I found and you will be too.

T R U V O N N E - Alright

If you haven't heard this track, do yourself a favor and click the link. TruVonne dropped this as an exclusive in the FloTape a month ago. I haven't stopped bumping it since. Tears, perma-grin, utter excitement, and calling exes are all potential side effects.

You're gonna need to go to your favorite streaming app or Itunes or Amazon to buy/stream that jawn. Do it though, like for real.

Trip Rexx ft. Emmitt Duprees

On Jesus Walks, Kanye was almost apologetic for asking God for material riches. Here Trip Rexx is claiming future blessings. In the vein of Chance's last album God fueled album though, it's a celebratory fun, track that could one day be gospel for the young artist.

Kidd Mo (Br33zy the Kid) - Red

Dude goes in this all verses, no chorus, all business track. Bars like a candy store, for real. Dude for real said "this is that basement rap and you talking to young tigger." I could envision this track being spit in the basement and Tigger going wild.

Donny Kaii - BLVCC

There's something so hard, yet calm about this track. I can't put my finger on it but man is Donny's first verse dope AF. Shouts out to this "good rez kid, in a mad city" for the album and this dope track.

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