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2017 Album List - What Have We Missed?

Arizona, you've been busy. As expected it has been beautiful 2017 so far. We're working on something but first we want to make sure we've heard every album, mixtape, and ep released this year.

If we're missing something, go to the Flotivity Media page on Facebook and drop a link in the comments. Thanks!

Albums and Mixtapes

YNot - Gifted Mind

Slogan - A Tribute to Experience

Blaze Rock - Things Left Unsaid

Tok Sik - the 94 Project

Lamar Crushin - '92

Blaine Coffee - State of the Artz 2.0

Brownboi Maj - Maj

Kidd Grimm - Its Just Music

RunLike - Assorted Flavors

DJ Stude - Sex, Drugs, and DJ Stude

Tullis - Falling Upward

Cash Lansky - The Cool Table

Woodro - Distant but Still Here

Avenue of the Arts - self titled

Teammate Markus - Prices

Cruise & Loh - Right on Time

Nomad - 100 Days of Reign

Blaze Rock - For Your Safety

Kirsin - Unconcious Thoughts

Bouji - Sideline Money

Flow Simpson - Black Dynomite

Spit Hell Manuel - December Cold / Queens Only

Prophetiko - Prophzilla

damiyen - Return of the Sad Boy

Tay Da Crown - Mood

Jae Tilt - Years Later LP

OG Bobby Ne'Gro - First in Flight

Donny Kaii - vasFasi


Doddy Gatz - The Path of War

Real Talk - Curses

Teammate Markus - Prices

Dan Louis & Doni - Vacant Memories

MP$ - Sweat


Combine Vibes - incognito EP

MastodonRare - Lights EP

Combine Vibes - Incognito Ep

THEEDESTINATION & Fillet - The Frenimies Mixtape

THEEDESTINATION - Even after all the drugs, I overdosed on sorrow

Cultie - e

SonnyFromMars - Cryosleep Revelations

RUBIX & The Resistance - Stranger EP

Brixx - My Stop EP

Diego Francisco - You're a Person, So Am I

DomYC - War Ready the EP

Gift$ - The Process EP

Br33zy the Kid - Colors

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