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Dope Shows This Weekend

With 11 shows happening this weekend (that we could find) from Tucson to Tempe to Phoenix to the West Valley, this is going to be another dope, active weekend.

Our pick this week is:

Limitless Presents: Matt Haze at the Crescent Ballroom

Limitless has been working hard throwing shows in the east valley at Club Red. They bring their stacked lineup to Phoenix at the famed Crescent Ballroom. And trust me this lineup has nothing but hitters.

My initial excitement is because Rubix is gonna be coming up from Tucson to drop his hip hop inspired 80s hair metal sounding beats! Most unique sounding artist is AZ is most definitely gonna be dope to check out.

The headliner, Matt Haze and his saxy rap sound is also fresh to def. He's like the the buff saxophone player in the Lost Boys except with way more clothes on and lyrical skills. Kirsin is in support and he released a nice album called Unconcious Thoughts this year. The album is full of rich, dark textures, which I'm curious to see how it plays live. It definitely sounds great chilling solo with a brew but live it should produce an interesting atmosphere.

Rounding out the bill is the always consistent, super hyped Eddie Wellz, the lyrical Kollateral, the hot spitter Ay-R, Haresha (slept on female rapper), and the Nick Perkins band.

Plus it's hosted by Tucson's Johnny Red, who's cooler than a polar bears toenails, on the real.

Also this weekend is the next installment of Healthy and Hydrated. Each month, 30Spice/Simply Damon has brought out a diverse lineup of folks you don't usually get a chance to see.

The club night Truminati and the Nice Show have been working on kicks off with Dela Preme, Benjamin Fly, Lamar Crushin, and E$cott.

Finally, Lou Green has put a lineup that includes GMoe, Young Phee, Robleezy, and the veteran Mav among other dopeness.

As always this weekend if full do dope shit! There's literally something for everyone. Go check a show!

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