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Dope Shows this Weekend

Even though we want to talk about Limitless Event's Gldn Party with Aaron Cohen, we gotta give event of the weekend to the Hip Hop House. Saturday, July 22nd, they are celebrating their 5 year anniversary. We have to show love to anyone who's been representing the AZ hip hop scene for any substantial amount of time. With a lineup including KAHLEE, Karlo, Unorthodox, Prophetiko, & Blaine Coffee, you know it's gonna be party rocking, with dope lyrics kind of night. Holding down the wheels of steel are Fact135 and J20. Check it out at the Tempe Tavern.

The Gldn Artist party goes down tonight in Tucson and Saturday in Phoenix. The Tucson show has a dope lineup of newer to the game artists, like Diego Francisco and Donny Kai, and veteran show stoppers, like Tommy Will Kollateral. If you catch the Phoenix show then RoQy TyRaid, Marley B, Cash Lansky, Jae Tilt, and The Color 8 among other dope acts.

As always, the weekend is chock full of dope shows. GO CHECK A SHOW!

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