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FloCast Podcast Ep. 42 w/ 20 Pounds

The emcees in 20 Pounds were young dudes doing their own thing when they decided strength in numbers was the way to go. And it's paid off as some of their best work to date has come after joining up as a crew. We chilled with them to discuss that decision and how it's effected their music and business. Trust me when I say their individual personalities also come out here.

Stick around until the end cause at the 1hour 8minute mark we got freestyles galore! These dudes literally spit for like 20 minutes and if it wasn't cause it was late AF, they probably would've went all night.

Featuring music: Pariah Pete - Let Me Know Ma$ter Mind - Round 1 (Cold Nights) Jalopy Bungus - Soul Pt. 2 JD - Lame As Fuck Ma$ter Mind - Round 2 (Long Days)

Find 20 Pounds on Soundcloud at:

@20pounds @mr-bungus @jordandemby @pariahpete @kyspitssermons


@sir_bungus @PARIAHXPETE @jordanxdem @onekytwoletters

Special thank you to FanningSystems, Malick McFly, and Alvagrim for providing the beats in the background.

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