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Dope Tracks to Hear Now

Wiki - Pretty Bull

Wiki’s been doing his thing for a minute, before with his group Ratking and then on his solo shit. The latter toured with Run the Jewels on their second tour. So dude ran through a few models and bottles living that lavish rap lifestyle, for sure. But here he reminds us, he’s grimy New York through and through. The models and bottles out he’s back to rolling loud in the club and pissing in bottles to avoid stupid long bathroom lines.

Cam ft. WaveGod - Big Deal

Cam kind of moves quietly on his social medias. He’s not out there talking a big deal. But his music is mad opposite. Though sparse in quantity, it’s all quality. Big Deal is no different. As soon as the slow taps of the hi-hats get sped up and tempered 808’s drop, Cam dives in on top to deliver a verse about why this rap shit ain’t a big deal cause the life he is living is just fine.

Dali - Range Rover

They say success can be an alienating, cold experience. Dali proposes it will be - but for the one who broke her heart. Revenge, they say, is best served cold. The beat is cheery and atmospheric as she compares what her life will be like - “living like a baller, flexing like a Carter."

Loyle Carner - Ain't Nothing Changed

The young mans hustle will always dominate rap themes as another upcoming group of artists navigate the transitions of life. Ain't nothing changed but the lyrics and beats and here both resonate beautifully on the English rappers dope debut album.

Billy Woods - Bush League

Now that I’m familiar with Billy Woods I have to go back and listen to all his albums. I want to understand him. His lyrics are dense. Bush League grabbed me because of the way he illustrates a tense domestic moment in the first 5 bars of the second verse. His delivery is terse in very dope, aggressive way which perfectly matches the head nodding beat.

Mike - Hunger

With co-signs and advisement from Earl Sweatshirt, Mike is sure to start popping up on a bunch of radars. Jump on board now as the entire May God Bless Your Hustle album is really good. Hunger puts Mike’s rhymes on top of a song that was cut and chopped and looped with no added bass or drums. His casual depictions of pain and navigating life are spoken through colorful, descriptive moments like the opening line - “hunger make you eat your words instead."

Young River ft Fly BL - On My Own

Young River of Valley Sons drops this moody track about excesses - coke, liquor, weed, molly - because he does’t want to feel anything anymore. Because of the separation causing this decision, he now finds himself getting the needs of life all on his own.

Sui Blue - Dive

Is it the drinking, the uncertainty, the unfaithfulness, or the fact that he likes girls who are "fucked in the head” to get into relationships with that causes Sui Blue the pain to write these songs? The answer is better left unanswered because when he puts the listeners into the “middle of his relationships” we get this beautiful, emotive tracks full of analysis. His songs convey self-imposed heartache and confusion. But he’s never just explaining his own feelings like when he sings he grew up with both parents so that makes “you sad.”

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