FloCast Podcast Ep 43 w/ WaveGod & Evinci

Wavegod is kind of an enigma. Evinci even more so. Together they produce content in all areas whether that's music, graphic design, or video. Wavegod alone has a bunch of tracks on Soundcloud, has produced a bunch of videos in AZ, CA, and WA, and he has concert recap videos and photos of Pouya, XXXTencion, and others. On the FloCast we talked about the origin of his name, his videography, the music he's been working on. Evinci, who is in a mysterious group, called Cntrl Alt Del, has a spares twitter without much on it. But here he had a bunch to say about how he thinks AZ artists should move, where art is going in the future, and much more. Check out Wavegod at: https://soundcloud.com/wavegodaf https://twitter.com/wavegodAF Check out Evinci at: https://twitter.com/CntrlAlltDelete Special thank you to FanningSystems, Malick McFly, and Alvagrim for providing the beats in the background.

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