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The FloCast Ep 44 w/ Julius King

Poets and Lovers Entertainment has been popping up all over the place. One of the dudes behind the collective is Julius King. An artist in his own right, he raps and sings, Julius King is out making all kinds of moves whether making new music or producing content for PALE. He stopped by to talk about his 2016 release Planet Guu, some new music he's working on, and all the work he does with PALE. Stick around to hear his story about pissing off the sound and light man his first time performing.

Featuring tracks:

Stay Up (14:40) Grind (28:43) Vibrations (50:46) Gray Area (59:19)

Find Julius King at: Twitter: juliusTHINK IG: JuliusKing

Special thank you to FanningSystems, Malick McFly, and Alvagrim for providing the beats in the background.

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