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The FloCast Ep 45 w/ Dali

Dali's 2017 release Apathy is fantastic. It is a journey through the grieving period of a teenage girl. The tone of the album perfectly meshes with the lyrical content of someone who was heartbroken and then over it. Dali hung out with us one day to talk about the inspiration behind album - no his name was not Frank (she would not be this heartbroken over a guy named Frank she said).

Featuring tracks:

Range Rover Frank Orange Soda Dreamstate (2:56AM)

Search for Dali on all streaming sites (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal etc) by searching Dali - Apathy.

Find her on Twitter at: @basquithot

On Instagram at: @sighdali

Special thank you to FanningSystems, Malick McFly, and Alvagrim for providing the beats in the background.

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