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The FloCast Episode 46 w/ VBLN

Here's another podcast from the good folks at Flotivity Media! This time I sat down with VBLN - Lewis Santana, 30 Spice // Simply Damon, Terick Lamont, and Malik Scott. These dudes, who are more like brothers, talked about all kinds of stuff. They've been making music for 6+ years and they talk about that history, their history together, and how they view their work in the hip hop scene.

Featuring tracks:

VBLN - Concentration Lewis Santana x Malik Scott - DMs Lewis Santana - Bounce Terick Lamont ft Lewis Santana - Hot N Ready 30 Spice // Simply Damon - Drippin' Gold VBLN - Ain't That Deep

Find VBLN at: @vibelane

Special thank you to FanningSystems, Malick McFly, and Alvagrim for providing the beats in the background.

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