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DILIS by Injury Reserve Listening Party

I suggest you play my apple music playlist so you know what the mood is. Think like a dark red hue for this part.

Injury Reserve, the rap group that created their own sound and now people are jocking it. I actually didn’t even RSVP to this event. My best friend Raymund did. I agreed to go because their music is unquestionably great.

Ray and I head out at 6:45pm from the westside and I feel really anxious because of how late I think we are. Then while on the I-10 we see a bunch of cars coming to a halt. Turns out the freeway at the I-17 merge is completely closed off. We pull off at 35th ave and take McDowell to Downtown Phoenix.

When we pull up you can see groups of kids walking towards the cool, cafe/art gallery/salon, Palabra. We get to the door. They check us in (they being Nick, the manager of Injury Reserve/Vic Mensa Assistant, and some other guy(sorry guy)). They give us this orange wristband and we walk in. I had just been there two weeks prior for the PRMANNT gallery opening. We walk in and the lights are off, with the cover to Drive It Like Its Stolen projected onto the wall.

Music is being played - a mixture of fire Soundcloud shit and 2000 hits. You can see a bunch of cool groups of kids there: Neighbors; War Bugs Me; Melikxyz; Dylan Turner; Jake Osmun; Adam from Foulplay; Lil Qwerty; and Noah Glynn.

By this point my bladder is about to burst so I go wait in this long ass line in the hallway. That is when I see the group make their appearance. BTW, the restroom at Palabra looks super fire, but their faucet is a design flaw. It is like two inches off the sink. Dirty hand water was touching my hands. It is very gross lowkey. What if I had handled raw chicken?

After the much needed potty break Ray and I find Parker outside and we talk about our anxiety with performing, I told him about the time we opened up for Innrwve and Hot Flash Heat Wave (thank you Chancy) and I was so nervous about it even though all I had to do was press play and sort through tracks. He told me he feel the same way about it, that there is some sort of weird pressure he feels (yes, I know I am defining anxiety). He also said the way he is going to deal with it with this upcoming tour with The Underachievers is by having Nick assign more responsibilities to help him with the nerves of being on stage.

We make our way back into Palabra and get in a comfortable position to listen to DILIS. Nate announces, “Yo the album is kind of short, so we are going to play it back. Thank you for coming we didn't expect this many people to come at once, we technically can only have 80 of you here at a time.”

I wish I could describe the songs to you. the album is really good. Its more like a coming to terms album than making hits. Make sure to get the album tonight.

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