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FloCast Ep 48 w/ Jalopy Bungus

Jalopy Bungus is in a league of his own. He makes dope music, hustles hard, and loves putting other people on. He gets the business side but it doesn't deter him from putting out dope shit like this year's 2 Thingz 4 Certain. The album is Jalopy at his finest. He spits honest raps about his mom's battle with mental health issues, his otherworldly respect for women, and his love for hip hop, which saved his life. We breakdown and dissect a few of the tracks here and talk politics and other stuff. This dude is going places. Listen to the FloCast and you'll understand why.

Featuring tracks: RushMore Chicken, Eggs, and Biscuits 2 Thingz 4 Certain clawman Twista 04 Find Jalopy at:

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