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[Show Review] Full Moon Fest Hunters Moon

It's like they took the level 1 warp to level 4. They took a sick $5 house party and made it a legit art gallery festival like overnight. Well maybe not overnight, but the monthly Full Moon Fest did something in months that is crazy dope. They created a party for hundreds of people to enjoy no matter what you're in to.

The Full Month Fest, created by Johnathan Luthor, is now a monthly party thrown at Unexpected Gallery in downtown Phoenix. Parking sucks and the street is narrow but everything from entering to the festival itself is incredibly organized and full of fun. You can tell the team has put a lot of thought into the festival and it shows. (Sorry except for the hallway and bathroom area between 3 of the 5 stages, which is a cluster fuck.)

The outdoor area is massive. Outside there are vendors, a stage which catered to bands with live instrumentation, a place for fire dancers, and an area for art. Even the 3 story scaffolding made the trek from the house party to the gallery party. Now it's on the roof and looking larger than life.

Inside there are 4 stages, each catering to a different genre of EDM along with a rap stage. With large enough areas for shufflers to shuffle, folks to milly rock, and/or just groove the fuck out, Full Moon has it. Per usual, the lineup is insane and full of some of the dopest folks doing stuff in this young scene. Vibelane, Benjamin Fly, Salty Brasi, and CHRI$ FRVNK were a few of the dudes doing their thing. There was one issue with this stage as it ran behind an hour, which in my 4 visits to Full Moon Fest is becoming all too common place. One of the joys of a fest is the ability to bounce around and not miss anything because of the certainty of set times. Hopefully it can get fixed soon because the Rap stage has hitters that shouldn't be missed. On another stage they had Sejo Basic from Guild, Repose, and Keenan Mathias throwing down sets full of bass. This was the most crowded stage and for good reasons. The beats being laid down were block rockers. And the visuals were super trippy and overwhelming in a good way. At times, they covered the entire wall in intricate, clear designs. I had a blast just chilling at this stage and met some cool people there.

Outdoor stage crowds - which I didn't hang around for long enough - witnessed an insanely energetic set from Andy Warpigs. The backdrop was a black wall full of white Christmas-y lights which created a DIY rock star stage ready for Andy to play tracks that seemed like a cross between the Smiths and the Dead Kennedy's. His set was cool and visually he's a dope dude to watch rock out.

The people of the Full Moon Fest remain a stand out. The crowd is dope and I always meet so many people there enjoying themselves, artists looking to create, and other community members. It is almost certain you'll find a lovely crowd at Full Moon. No drama, full of apologies for accidental bumps, and people of all ages. Johnathan Luthor has succeeded in creating a beautiful community and a can't miss show. With the Fest's growth up to this point, I'm mad excited for what the group can accomplish next.

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