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ME vs ME, a Venture production

Where do you start with Venture? I respect her singing ability because she is obviously very talented, but it’s her hustle that grabs my attention. She may not remember but our first introduction was her moving through the crowd at the Winter Gala. She gave her card, I put it in my pocket, and went on my way. I didn’t really think too much of the encounter in that moment. Now fast forward two years to ME vs ME, and I am attending a horror video premiere produced and directed by Venture.

Walking up to the warehouse you see a guy sitting in the back of a white Range Rover rolling blunts, the ticket man. Once you gain entrance you are met with red lights and a chill party vibe thanks to Melikxyz curating the music. Playing Justin Timberlake to get all the ladies dancing right before the premiere was the perfect move. A projector high above the crowd, that would later play ME vs ME, was playing clips from SAW during the mingling hour. The room was at least a third local creatives. I spotted local brands, photographers, and fellow musicians out to support Venture.

The video itself was short, reminiscent of the movie premiere she did awhile back. It utilized camera angles and eerie music to give it the horror vibe. The video contained music and some of the same cast as Sweet To Me, the last song/video Venture put out. This had me thinking this could be an epilogue to Sweet To Me. If you have seen Sweet To Me then you know at the end things take a dark turn at the end, ME vs ME seems to pick up right where they left off.

Now you can’t pull anything off without a dope team, so here are some of the people involved with the making of ME vs ME. Melik Richards, music production. Unfamiliar, co-director and editor. Evinci, co-producer and creative director. Heather Osterhaus, makeup and stylist. Set2wo, for lighting and location.

I will leave you all with a short Q/A with Venture:

1. Was it being Halloween that sparked the horror vibe in the video or what was the motive behind it?

  • I had this idea for some time, but it being October I felt like the timing was right so I just went for it. Everybody loves a good thriller.

2. With some of the same cast as Sweet To Me as well as some music, was ME vs ME a continuation of Sweet to me?

  • After Sweet To Me, people began asking me questions about the end of the video and it made me ask myself. I feel like having directed both films, it was really me and my perspective of romance. I think we all get so lost in love that we tend to lose ourselves. In Sweet To Me, it was the turning point for me to take that initial step in self appreciation. I believe we all seek out attention and wonder why they feel so lonely, this film was based on that solely. When no one is there to boost your ego who do you turn to? ‘Me vs. Me’ was exactly that. We are our worst enemies, it’s learning to face that side of you and truly embrace all that you are, not all that you wish you were. When you take that step ... you become invincible.

3. How did you feel about the video premiere?

  • The video premiere was amazing. Being that I have been dealing with a lot lately, I haven’t been as present as I’d like to be. Doing an event after being quiet for sometime was intimidating, but that was the lesson in itself. The only thing that would’ve gotten in the way of this would have been myself. Therefore I’m blessed for my team, my friends and the loving supporters that came that night and experienced a true turning point in my artistry. I can only hope to inspire more people through my art.

4. I know you shot/edited the video and put together the event in a short amount of time? How long did it take you and your team?

  • What we did was nearly impossible. I woke up, decided this is what I wanted to do and reached out to those that I love and truly believe in. Luckily we share the same goals and visions. We were able to execute, start to finish, in a little over the week. I am so proud of them, and us.... it wouldn’t have been possible if not for them and I am so grateful.

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